Life after Radford – Andrew Jones (Class of 1990)

Posted 09 Jun, 2021

Andrew Jones (Class of 1990) is a valuable member of the Radford Development Foundation Committee, and still feels the sense of the outstanding community Radford has to offer.

Andrew Jones (Class of 1990) is a valuable member of the Radford Development Foundation Committee, and still feels the sense of the outstanding community Radford has to offer.

Today, after more than 25 years in the industry, he runs his own financial planning business. We took the opportunity to chat with Andrew about his life after Radford, his best memories of his time at the College and the all-important morals that have stayed with him since.

At Radford, his interests were broad – as Andrew puts it, he was continually “throwing himself into anything that was going”.  Whether it was a mathematics competition, a rugby game or a cricket match, Andrew was always in.

“Not everyone had this wonderful memory of high school, however I was lucky to have met some awesome teachers and made lifelong friends with some I still hang out with today” he said.

While some may speak of experiencing a particular moment that defines their future, Andrew says his entire six years at the College shaped him into the person he is today.

“While my parents provided me with guidance and manners, it was at the College where I shaped my morals, built value systems and really acknowledged community, principles, support and responsibilities.”

Now a business owner and financial adviser, Andrew excels in helping his clients reach their financial goals.

“I enjoy meeting and spending time with my clients, where I seek solutions that may help them to achieve financial freedom. After all the valuable advice and great opportunities I have been given throughout my life, it is time for me to help others.”

Armed with a keen interest in maths, Andrew studied economics at university. But it was important, he says, to look further and learn from the advice and examples he encountered from people already successful within the industry. In time, he found the field that fulfills him the most: personal finance.

After living in Sydney for 15 years, Andrew moved back to Canberra 12 years ago with his wife, Julia, and daughter, Molly, who is currently in Year 6 at Radford. The city is a great place to live and raise a family, he says. And he is particularly happy about Molly studying at Radford, where she has ample opportunity to pursue her interests.

“I am very proud to see her being involved in so many activities that shape her personality, and Radford is significantly helping to build her interests while offering a wide range of courses and classes.”

Andrew’s passion for sports continues and now he enjoys playing golf at least twice a week – the highlight of this being the chance to catch up with fellow Collegians.

Andrew’s advice to current students

Six years at Radford allowed him to learn the following, which he is trying to pass on to his daughter, too.

  1. Never give up and always look forward. You may find yourself lost within broad courses and several classes, but you should always look for what interests you and find a way to achieve your goals doing what you enjoy most.
  2. Always challenge yourself and move outside your comfort zone, whether it is on the playground or in class – it’s only this way you will expand your skills and mindset.
  3. Surround yourself with successful and happy people.

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