Michael Anderson (Class of 1991) remains optimistic despite a difficult start to 2020

Posted 15 Jun, 2020

Michael Anderson, owner and operator of Brindabella Hills Winery opened up about their devastating start to 2020 with WEARECBR.

Between the drought and the bushfires, Michael shared that 2020 really has been an absolute shocker, he added that the Brindabella Hills Winery were the only winery to lose all of their grapes in the January hailstorm, followed by many grape growers finding out they lost what fruit they had to the smoke taint caused by the bushfires.

“Last year we lost 15 tonne of fruit to wild deer, but the biggest setback has been the COVID-19 pandemic” Michael said.

Despite the hardships, Michael shared that they still see huge potential and will persist, adding that the Canberra region is making some truly beautiful wines. “We love seeing people’s reactions when they come out here, our property is very unique. The views – people can’t believe they are so close to Canberra when they arrive. And each time they come they can see all the hard work happening here. We are rewarded by what people say about our place”, says Michael.

Michael shared that 2021 will be their year so let’s raise a glass to that!

Wishing Michael and the team at Brindabella Hills Winery all the best for the rest of 2020 and a great 2021 – we look forward to sharing further developments.

Content Credit: wearecbr

Photo Credit: wearecbr and Brindabella Hills Winery Facebook page. 

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