Year 2 students welcome Dr Anjuli Kaney (Class of 2010) to Junior School Library

Posted 31 Mar, 2021

On Wednesday 24 March, Dr Anjuli Kaney returned to read her new authored and illustrated book "Benny and the Boogie Monster" to our Year 2 students.

On Wednesday 24 March, Dr Anjuli Kaney returned to read her new book “Benny and the Boogie Monster” to our Year 2 students.

Anjuli shared “it was so nostalgic coming back to Radford and getting to see how everything has progressed so nicely. Siobhan MacLeod (2021 Collegian Captain) was fantastic and gave me a wonderful tour of the College which allowed me to reconnect with many of my ex-teachers and meet new staff (including Miri – Radford’s therapy dog)!! It’s so great to see that the school is so focused on ensuring students’ mental wellbeing is looked after”. 

Anjuli further added “I had such a marvelous time meeting the year 2 classes as well! They were all so charming, attentive and polite and it was so heartwarming getting to see their drawings of the Benny and the Boogie Monster characters. I loved answering all their questions and hearing their delightful feedback”. 


The Radford Collegians Association thank the Junior School librarians – Rachael Hind and Gemma Wilson for the opportunity and the wonderful photos.

Click here to purchase ‘Benny and the Boogie Monster’.

About the Book 

Benny is afraid of the dark. But most of all Benny is afraid of the Boogie Monster! One night after his mummy tucks him into bed, Benny stumbles into a mysterious land where he comes face to face with his greatest fear – the Boogie Monster! However, when the Boogie Monster begins tapping his feet to the sound of music, Benny realises perhaps things are not as scary as they seem.

Radford College has approval to share the photos of the students pictured.

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