Bec Goddard (1996) – new Capitals Coach

In an unexpected move, Bec Goddard has switched sports to ...

H4H #25: Jesse Zhang – Leaving to study in Denmark

Jesse Zhang (Class of 2014) enjoyed the creative side of ...

Dr Liana Leach (Class of 1998) says there needs to be dedicated leave provisions for partners

Dr Liana Leach (Class of 1998) from ANU Research School ...

H4H #12 – Beyond Gamilaraay

Australian anthropologist WEH Stanner once described our lack of understanding of Indigenous Australia as a ‘cult of forgetfulness practised on a national scale’.

H4H #11 – RAID Basketball

More than just a basketball game, for some, the opportunity to participate at RAID on a Wednesday is 'a dream come true’.

Lauren Ford (Class 1999) – the face behind Australia’s monthly unemployment statistics

Lauren also enjoys the writing side of it and telling stories. Lauren said ‘gone are the days where a statistician just looks at numbers or equations.

Bella Rogers (Class of 2015) inspiring young women into a trade

Apprentice carpenter Bella Rogers wants to inspire other young women ...

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