Calling the Cast of Antigone 2009

Mr Jason Golding will be directing his 10th Senior Drama production ...

Kirrah Amosa (Class of 2011) performed with James Arthur on Sunrise recently

James Arthur on Sunrise Who is ready to get in ...

Commonwealth Games wrap up

Chloe Hosking (Class of 2008) & Jesse Wagstaff (Class of 2003) win Gold and Caitlin Thwaits (Class of 2010) wins silver at the 2018 Commonwealth Games

Australian sports representatives

     First Surname Sport Year Ben Sheils Karate 1989 ...

Collegians are invited to attend the 2018 Foundation Day Concert on Friday 6th April

Sophie Van Dijk (Class of  2015) is an Australian composer ...

#8 – Celebrated guitarist Callum Henshaw (Class of 2008)

‘If you get the opportunity to go on a school exchange ...

Where are you now?

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