Introducing the 2021 Radford Collegian Captains

Posted 03 Feb, 2021

This year we are proud to announce that Sujan Ipalawatte and Siobhan MacLeod will be the 2021 Collegian Captains. Let's get to know them a bit more...

Each year, Radford College selects two students to represent the Collegians. The captains are responsible for being the point of contact for all year group matters, engaging the cohort in collegian activities and events, attending our yearly reunions and be their year group ambassador following graduation to continue the connection with Radford.

We look forward to working with Sujan and Siobhan this year!


Let’s get to know our Captains that little bit more:

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

[Siobhan] The biggest lesson I’ve learned was to be flexible with my goals. Things won’t go perfectly – or rarely do – and to just look at the short-term picture over the big picture every once and a while and slow down and see the value of what you already have is important. 

[Sujan] Probably about being grateful towards the situation I am in, and how fortunate I am.

What was the best day of the past week for you – why?

[Siobhan] I came back to my house from the coast and got to sleep in my own bed and visit my villagers on animal crossing. The next morning was Christmas day where I got to enjoy the company of my family together. 

[Sujan] First day back at school, going back to school and meeting all my friends again.

If you could spend one week with a person you admire, who would it be – why?

[Siobhan] Although I hate to say it, I’d like to spend a week with myself 15 years into the future. I’d want to ask her if she is someone worthy of my admiration and if my aspirations to become her are worth it in the end. Even if I spoiled my ending, I would still ask her for clarity and assurance that the path I’m heading down is the best one. 

Share one of your most embarrassing moments.

[Siobhan] I can recollect countless bad memories that keep me awake at 3am, but the one that takes the cake is when I went to school in year 5 or 6 with my shirt inside out. I then later realised that day that I rode the bus to school and the passengers that saw me and kept giving me glances were just horribly confused as to how a high school student could be so incredibly absent-minded as to not look in the mirror before leaving her house. 

[Sujan] Crashing my car into a pole because I forgot to change into reverse.

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

[Siobhan] Graduating with a double degree from ANU whilst simultaneously continuing work on my CPL and maybe finding a part-time job using my degrees to then go abroad and work to pay off my hecs debt relatively early.

[Sujan] I hope to see myself with a degree and looking for my first full time job.

Where are you now?