Farewell to Claire Osborne

Posted 15 Nov, 2019

Thank you Claire for your passion and determination that has made the Collegians what it is today!

Many of you would no doubt know that Claire has been the face behind the communications and many of the wonderful initiatives and events organised and hosted by the Collegians in the last three years.

Claire was in the class of 1999 and in the months that I have known Claire, I have been inspired by her passion, determination and love of Radford College.

Claire, you are such an amazing asset to Radford College and the Radford Collegians Association but you have been equally amazing to the many students, teachers and fellow Collegians that you have engaged with in your time here either as a student or in your most recent role.

The fun, determination and joy that you bring has no doubt inspired many Collegians to remain connected with Radford College but also with each other.

Thank you Claire for all of your work, you have allowed many people to create amazing memories. Your infectious smile and bubbly personality is a gift that has brought happiness to many and I know will continue do so as you remain with the Collegian Committee.

Thank you Claire and we wish you well!

Radford Collegians Association

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