Celebrating the Class of 2023

Posted 01 Dec, 2023

By Palak Maheshwari, Hugo Hayward, Holly Hatton and Hamish McKee, 2024 College Captains and Vice-Captains

At the Year 12 Graduation on Friday, 24 November, the College community gathered at Llewellyn Hall to celebrate the conclusion of the Class of 2023’s journey at Radford College.

The evening began with Deputy Principal and Head of Secondary School, Mr Brad Cooney, warmly welcoming the friends, family, staff, and students who attended the event. Following this, sincere speeches were delivered by Radford College Board Chair, Mrs Vicki Williams, and Interim Principal, Mr Andy Gordon.

As the 2024 College Captains and Vice-Captains, we were fortunate to share the stage with the graduating cohort. Throughout the year, we have witnessed the growth and incredible efforts the Year 12s have demonstrated through their final steps at Radford, moulding them into remarkable young adults.

Each student at Radford pursued their own individual success, yet the Year 12 cohort’s strong bond allowed them to come together and celebrate their achievements collectively. As the students graduated, they were welcomed into the Collegians group by Claire Walters (Class of 2009).

As we watched the ceremony unfold and the Class of 2023 gather for one of the last times, we also watched our classmates, leaders, teammates and close friends complete one of the largest chapters of their lives. We watched as Year 12 Mentors read out the achievements of each student. Each person was so unique and noteworthy. Some students were commended for their sporting achievements, others for their musical abilities, and many students were recognised for their work as leaders, not just within Radford, but also within the community.

As well as being celebrated for their specific individual achievements, the whole 2023 cohort was praised for their overall academic success and notable presence and contributions within the Radford community throughout their time at the College. The collective efforts shown by the Class of 2023 will act as inspiration for the following years; their actions as leaders and peers a guide for us all.

After all the students were individually celebrated and bestowed with their Collegians gift, Valedictorian Leo Wilson offered his cohort some touching and inspirational words, reflecting on the long-lasting memories made by the students over their journey together. To conclude the night, Head of Year 12, Mrs Jane Lilley, addressed her students for one of the last times, congratulating them on finishing this chapter of their journey and wishing them luck for their future endeavours.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish the Class of 2023 all the very best for the new adventures they embark on. We have every confidence that they are more than capable of handling life’s challenges, whether that be across the road at the University of Canberra or on the other side of the world. After all, the end of a journey means the start of another one.

We thank Collegian, Claire Walters (Class of 2009) for being our representative to officially welcome each graduating students to the Collegians. 

Photos from the event can be accessed here

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