2023 Radford College Staff Service Awards

Posted 06 Dec, 2023

The Radford Collegians congratulates the following staff for receiving their 10 and 20 year service to the College.

The Radford Collegians congratulates the following staff for receiving their 10 and 20 year service to the College.

Celebrating 10 Years 

Jon Craddock

Mr Craddock is a dedicated professional known for his kindness to our learners, his enthusiastic and positive attitude, his sense of adventure, sense of play and inspiring those around him. He consistently displays empathy and radiates warmth in all his interactions. Mr Craddock is never one to shy away from the spotlight, and on occasions has taken delight in dressing up or presenting learning concepts and ideas in a dramatic and engaging manner.

Alison Stevens (Class of 1994) 

Ali is an experienced and committed teacher and leader, who joined Radford in 2014.  Appointed as a Geography teacher, Ali’s warm and calm demeanour quickly saw her develop meaningful connections with her students and colleagues in the SOSE department.

Ali’s authentic leadership and professionalism led to her appointment as the Head of the SOSE department the following year. Ali also thoroughly enjoyed her role as the Head of Year 7 in 2022, and at the start of this year was appointed Dean of Senior Studies and IBDP Coordinator, a role which she has flourished in.

Cathy Jackson 

Cathy Jackson is an outstanding educator, loved by students and staff. She started at Radford as a textiles and food teacher, moving quickly into an Assistant Head of Department role and then appointed as the leader of the Design and Technology department some 5 years ago. She has led her team in developing high quality teaching and learning programs, updating the curriculum to reflect the changes happening in the various industries the department represents.

Cathy has inspired her colleagues and students to strive for greatness, both in the classroom and through her leadership of the Oz Harvest cocurricular group and support of so many Radford events including Grandparents and Friends day in the Junior School.

Sam Lonsdale 

Sam is a dedicated and diligent educator. She genuinely cares for every student under her care and is known for going above and beyond to support their learning and general pastoral needs. In fact, one special event Sam holds each year, is to have the graduating Year 12 students, return to their original Year 7 mentor group which she had, for a morning tea, taking the time to bake them chocolate chip cookies and celebrating their milestone of completing College, while also reminiscing about that first year of high school together.

Sam is also known for her camping prowess and has become recognised within the College as the fountain of all knowledge for outdoor education program, Sam is a caring and supportive mentor and colleague.

Alyssa Maier

Alyssa is highly regarded mentor, teacher and role-model for our students.

She makes real, authentic connections and encourages students to do their best. Alyssa takes a genuine interest in each student and knows them well. She has an outstanding maths knowledge that she gladly shares with all.

Celebrating 20 Years 

Helen Blanch

Mrs Blanch has been an exemplar teacher and colleague since 01 January 2004.Her impact in our community is remarkable. Both students and colleagues unanimously agree that there is no one quite like Mrs. Blanch. Her creative and inspirational nature is matched only by her unwavering commitment, tenacity and passion. She is an intelligent person, has an exceptional way with words and a witty sense of humour, often delighting in wordplay and puns. Her vibrant wardrobe is a perfect reflection of her colourful personality. What truly sets Mrs Blanch apart, however, is her ability to empathize and connect with others. Her warmth and spirited demeanour have endeared her to all.

Darryle McDonald

Darryle has a genuine care and interest in his students. This is demonstrated through consistency, warmth, humour and authenticity.

Jo-Anne Flatley Allen Award in recognition for her 33 years of service 

The Year 9 award for International Commerce was renamed to The Jo-Anne Flatley-Allen Award for Excellence in International Commerce in recognition for Jo-Anne Flatley-Allen who gave 33 years devoted service to Radford College.

Jo-Anne joined Radford in 1990 after teaching in rural NSW. She was appointed as a senior tutor and Legal Studies teacher and over her time at Radford taught Geography, Business Studies, Commerce and, more recently, International Commerce.  Jo- Anne had excellent curriculum knowledge and contributed enthusiastically to course writing over the years.  Year 9 Market Day was Jo-Anne’s initiative and she always enjoyed working with the students and helping them with their creations.

Jo-Anne’s students loved and respected her. She was firm, kind, pragmatic and fun in the classroom and her students knew she cared about them.  They enjoyed learning from her. In a recent bulletin article year 9 students wrote the following about Jo-Anne’s contribution to Market Day.  Therefore in honour of Ms Jo-Anne Flatley-Allen, 30 per cent of students’ profits from Market Day will go to Carers ACT. Her initiative as the founder of this successful event at Radford deserves our deepest appreciation for all she has accomplished for Radford.

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