Tom Hertel (Class 2005) shares exciting news…

Posted 28 Jun, 2024

Tom's popular Canberra brewery is expanding its horizons - buying are renowned cider brand from across the border.

Tom Hertel (class of 2005) and co-owner of the very popular Capital Brewing Co announced that they have acquired one of the country’s most renowned cider brands, Batlow Cider.

Capital Brewing has a strong focus on operating in a socially and environmentally responsible way and one of the things that Tom shared that he loved about Batlow Cider is that it’s made from imperfect fruit that would not normally make it to supermarket shelves and may otherwise become a waste product. This compliments Capital Brewing Co’s environmental ethos and will help build on our B-Corp certification as a business.

Watch the video of Tom being interviewed by Win News here

Congratulations Tom and the Capital Brewing Co team.

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