Liam Braithwaite (Class of 2014) – Swimming for Starlight

Posted 07 Mar, 2024

Maths and science teacher, Liam Braithwaite (class of 2014) signed up for the Starlight Super Swim throughout February which saw him set a goal of swimming 28km across the month. Not only did he meet his goal, but he smashed it! Liam swum an impressive 38.7km and raised more than $2 000 in the process.

The Starlight Children’s Foundation has been working with health care professionals for over 30 years to bring the fun, joy and laughter that is essential to sick kids’ health and wellbeing. In short: they help sick kids be kids.

Liam swam on 22 of the 29 days throughout February, only missing five days whilst he was on Year 7 Camp and a couple when he had a tooth infection. His longest swim was 6.5km in one session which took him 1hr and 47 minutes.

Radford students and staff also contributed to this good cause. The 2023 TeamSUPPORT students were delighted to be able to make a donation of $365 to support Liam’s efforts through holding a fundraising BBQ last week.

Liam hopes to participate in the event again next year by swimming further and raising even more money for the Starlight Foundation. He would love to thank every person who has donated or supported him through this event, especially his wife Taylor Braithwaite and his brother-in-law Ross Waddington, both Radford Collegians, who joined him many mornings when the pool opened at 5:30am.

If you would like to know more about this event and Liam’s efforts, please click here.

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