H for History

Radford College has commissioned George Huitker to write a very special book, in celebration of the school's wonderful 35-year history.

Mr H’s highway happenings

Thank you to everyone who has gotten in touch with George to help him undertake his research for H for History.

Help H!

Collegians can help Mr H put together the story of Radford College by getting in touch and answering one, a few or all of the following questions.

Help H!

H’s happenings

#19: Cameron Sambridge and Daniel Tedeschi

As BMS Principal Lara Coman explains, ‘BMS is an exciting ...

#18: Niraj Lal

Do stuff. Get stuck in. Have fun. — Niraj Lal It ...

#17: Collegians on staff at Radford

You might think I’m a crazy fool I want to ...

#16: Collegian Dr Stef Pender

Her sage advice included: to explore, enjoy and realise how beautiful the world is, as well as realising your own considerable opportunities and privileges within it.

#15: Kay Beagle and her scrapbooks

Kay Beagle’s handed me nine carefully compiled, precisely labelled and impeccably presented scrapbooks which chronicle Radford's early days from 1983 to 1993. 

#14: Girls’ Rugby

On Saturday, 5 May 2018, the college’s first-ever girls’ rugby union side ran onto the P&F Oval with conviction, confidence, camaraderie and, in their own words, feeling ‘pumped’ for the historic occasion.

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