Life beyond Radford

Last updated 12.12.2019

Gabrielle Ring

Class of 1991
OCCUPATION Portfolio / Program Manager
Lives Melbourne, Australia
Attendance at radford Years 7-12
House Jarrah
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What does life look for you now?

Live in Melbourne. Mother to 2 fur kids. Spend my time hanging out with my niece and wider family. Love exploring Melbourne. Love travelling the world.

When you were young, what were you hoping to be when you grew up?

I had absolutely no idea. I still don't know and maybe one day I will work it out but I do enjoy working with my fabulous teams and clients on new and exciting IT solutions that provide actual benefit.

What is your favourite Radford moment?

Hmmm not sure I should say! (shhh - I'll keep quiet)

Do you have a particular role model or inspirational figure from Radford or now?

My mum (the ever fabulous Joanne Kelso)

How easy was it to decide what to do in life?

it wasn't easy at all....Im still trying to work it out and I hope to be working on it for the rest of my life. I do some many things in my life.

Did your further study or career go exactly as you'd planned?

I did do further study and my career kind of just took off at such a fast pace that I struggled to at first hang on. I learnt the fine art of bluffing until I had the confidence and skills to carry me forward. I didn't really have a path I just followed my nose and landed on my feet each time. Of course I stumbled a bit but I backed myself each time and kept on going.

What do you know now, that you wish you'd known when you were at Radford? much. Don't try to control what you can't control. You can only effect change in an environment that is endearing to change. Its ok to make mistakes...sometimes they lead down a path that you never thought existed (thats where the fun usually is). The 80 20 rule is sometimes all we need...just crack on!

What advice do you have for current students?

have fun. laugh. make memories. don't get caught up in trying to be someone you're not....its such a waste of time. Be true to yourself and your strengths.

Where are you now?