Chris Osborne (class 1999) – teaches Kindergarten how to build an airport

Posted 12 Jun, 2017

Kindergarten are currently looking into "How we get from here to there" in their how the world works unit of inquiry, so after finding out they had been on a bus, boat and train, Chris came along to tell them about building an airport.

Chris Osborne, collegian and parent, fronted 44 Kindergarten students a week ago to teach them about building a new airport in Sydney’s west.

Chris currently leads the Western Sydney Airport Corporation transition team at the Department of Infrastructure. He has learnt more about turning a rural field into an operating airport than he ever wanted to know, but it proved to be a surprising combination of skills and experience gained in his professional life and that of what he wanted to do as a Kindergartener himself.

The children kept him on his toes from the outset, with the first one he ran into enquiring whether the model he had bought with him was a scale model.  Their interest kept up as they strived to discover the essential features of an airport so that they could go back to their classrooms and create one for themselves.

It is this type of experience that the Collegians Association hope to provide to many more students by connecting them with real world experiences through our diverse group of collegians available.  If you are interested in sharing your work with students in any year group, please claim a profile and then get in touch with us.

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