Blackburn Chambers is Canberra’s original, largest and most prestigious barristers’ chambers. Our barristers are the leading barristers in Canberra. Over many decades, members of Blackburn Chambers have been involved in the most significant and high-profile cases in the ACT and surrounding NSW. Past members of Chambers have gone on to become members of the ACT Supreme Court, the ACT Magistrates Courts, the Federal Circuit Court, and the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Blackburn is also a modern, progressive, and newly refurbished chambers, whose members have a keen eye to the future, and a commitment to developing the ACT Bar as a centre of professional excellence on the national legal scene. Blackburn’s barristers aspire to provide professional services of the highest quality in relation to all aspects of Territory, federal and interstate law, both for the ACT and surrounding areas of NSW.

The barristers at Blackburn practice in a wide range of areas, including commercial law and equity, common law, administrative law, employment law, criminal law, family law, constitutional law, and many others.

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