Life beyond Radford

Last updated 6.05.2018

Tim Berman

Class of 1997
OCCUPATION Technical Practice Lead, Oakton
Lives Canberra, Australia
Attendance at radford Years 7-12
House Karri
  • Bachelor Degree, University of Canberra, Sports Media
  • Bachelor Degree, University of Canberra, Multimedia Production
Work history
  • Technical Practice Lead, Oakton, 2017-Present
  • Senior Digital Consultant, Oakton, 2016-2017
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What does life look for you now?

I have a young family now growing up in the same suburb I grew up in. I have a beautiful partner Katrina, son Bennie, and daughter Ava.

I work as a manager of a team of 25 technical consultants at Oakton. We aim to help our clients transform their business in this new digital age.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, landscaping, woodworking, playing sport, entertaining friends and relaxing watching movies.

Tell us what you are passionate about?

I'm passionate about making life better for others. I aim to do this in both my family and work life. I get a kick out of seeing others succeed.

When you were young, what were you hoping to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a millionaire! Beyond that I didn't really have a clue. My parents never put any pressure on me to figure this out early so I didn't feel compelled to figure this out till later I guess.

What is your favourite Radford moment?

School camps and playing sports representing Radford.

Do you have a particular role model or inspirational figure from Radford or now?

I had a great teacher Mr Ashton. He taught me history in year 9 I think. The reason he was inspirational for me is he was the first teacher that tried to speak to me as an equal and really spend the time to connect with me and motivate me to do my best.

How easy was it to decide what to do in life?

Not easy at all. I found it difficult to figure out what I was going to do after school. I didn't really figure out what I wanted to do for a career till several years after school.

Did your further study or career go exactly as you'd planned?

Nope! I changed from being quite sure I was passionate about Sports Media being an avid sports fan to Multimedia. Also multimedia was very niche when I started out so it was difficult to find a job. I persevered however and soon it was a booming industry so I was ok after that.

What do you know now, that you wish you'd known when you were at Radford?

I can't think of anything.

What advice do you have for current students?

It's worth trying hard academically but also try hard at other aspects of life. Make an effort socially and contribute to the school - developing this side will help you in your working and personal life a lot more than academics.

Where are you now?