Life beyond Radford

Last updated 31.03.2022

Matt Heinrich

Lives Melbourne, Australia
Number of years at Radford 7 years
Year began to teach/work at Radford 2011
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What does life look like for you now?

I’m currently in Melbourne working as the Head of Learning Technologies across Caulfield Grammar School’s five campuses. This role continues to strengthen my deep passion for the education profession and build upon passions nurtured during my time at Radford College.

Living in the inner south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, I’m never too far away from an AFL (Essendon Bombers) game, live-music (arena or pub) or a quaint coffee shop. I like to keep physically active and equally enjoy quiet afternoons sitting at the piano or strumming a guitar.

What’s your most endearing memory of Radford?

My most endearing memory was returning to my classroom during my final week at the College to capture a photo and share final laugh with the 17 and 18 year olds that inspired me each day as a Year 6 primary teacher in my first year of teaching. That moment summarised the blessing of teaching in a setting that involves students’ extended journey of growth and maturity. Many students shared raw emotion that afternoon perhaps not just attributed to the reflection of our time together 6 years prior, but rather the realisation of the meaningful impact their peers and the broader Radford community has had on shaping their attributes towards adulthood.

Who or what left the greatest impression on you during time at Radford?

Probably a question best answered by past students, but if it was someone in particular for me, it would be an inspiring student with cerebral palsy. Her beaming smile, genuine warmth towards everyone she interacted with and sheer perseverance had deep impression on me.

When you think of your time at Radford, what are you most grateful for?

So many aspects of my life became threaded through Radford that resulted in a profound impact on shaping me personally and professionally. I’m most grateful for the opportunity to be myself each day, be challenged to be a better person, develop close friendships and be respected for my capacity without bias towards age or experience.

What is unique about Radford?

Radford’s rich history is unique in that its evolution has been learner-centric; dynamically evolving to continually foster the intrinsic character and growth of its students, staff and community.

Where are you now?