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Last updated 25.07.2019

Lauren Rowell ( Sanders )

Class of 1999
OCCUPATION Police Detective
Lives Canberra, Australia
Attendance at radford Years 7-12
House Jarrah
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What does life look for you now?

I am a mother of two beautiful boys and happily married since 2009. I still live in Canberra and work for the Australian Federal Police. I work full time but flexibly with some time working from home.
Life is very busy but so rewarding.

Tell us what you are passionate about?

I am passionate about my family. I love taking the kids away of caravan trips, to the beach and to the snow. I love travel and have a million places listed on my 'to go list. I love supporting my kids in their schooling and any interests they have, even Pokemon! I am also passionate about my work and making a difference to people both in our Australian community and within the organisation.

When you were young, what were you hoping to be when you grew up?

I was actually going to be a fashion designer! This was until o realised I didn't have the cut throat personality that was needed and the thick skin! I loved the textures, colours, fabrics, innovation and design that came with creating wearable art. I still love fashion but these days as a consumer

What is your favourite Radford moment?

I had so many wonderful experiences and made some really great life long friends at Radford. It's hard to pick one. But a memorable moment was falling into the circular sander in woodworking and sanding three of my fingers to the bone. I will never forget that!

Do you have a particular role model or inspirational figure from Radford or now?

Not really no.

How easy was it to decide what to do in life?

Once I left Radford it was a challenge to choose what to do. I had a lot of real options but decided to go straight to the ANU and study Japanese. I was good at it and loved the language and culture.

Did your further study or career go exactly as you'd planned?

Not at all! I decided to join the Army Reserves after seeing an Ad on TV and remember thinking, that's cool. I could do that. So I did. Years later I was a commissioned officer and saw another ad on TV for the AFP. Thought I'd be good at that too. So I applied and got in! 16 years on and I am still there and loving it.

What do you know now, that you wish you'd known when you were at Radford?

That it doesn't matter if you are cool or popular, what matters are the true friends you make along the way and that you are a kind and caring person.

What advice do you have for current students?

Work out what you love doing and what you are good at. If you analyse the core capabilities and skills that fit into those two things and match that to future career, you will go along way towards finding a job you will love. Don't choose a job because of the money or because someone else tells you too. You will be working a long time so go with your heart. You can always change careers too. Take a risk.

Anything else that you would like to share?

The education, experiences and friendships you make at Radford will set you up for success. It really doesn't matter what you do as long as you are happy and doing what you love. Finding a purpose in life is key to happiness and a feeling of belonging. There's so many opportunities out there you just have to look, work hard, take the leap and later on give back. Always know it's ok to ask for help and listen to advice but make your own decisions. Be a good human.

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