Life beyond Radford

Last updated 6.03.2018

Jenny Murphy

Lives Canberra, Australia
Number of years at Radford 16 years
Year began to teach/work at Radford 1984
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What does life look like for you now?

Jenny will be well-known by early collegians as she was the first in so many roles about the college: she was the first English teacher to be appointed and consequently became the inaugural Head of English; when a portion of our foundation students transitioned into Year 11 in 1987 she became the first Senior School Coordinator; and she was instrumental in introducing debating and public speaking as a cocurricular activity.

What’s your most endearing memory of Radford?

Perhaps the most rewarding/enduring memory is of one of my Vietnamese students who arrived in Year 11 shy, lonely and with very little English that she was comfortable using. She waded through Tess of the d’Urbevilles with great persistence and finished Year 12 up on the stage to receive an award.

Who or what left the greatest impression on you during time at Radford?

Always impressed by Graeme Wigg. He always had time to listen and always gave valuable suggestions: always immensely supportive.

When you think of your time at Radford, what are you most grateful for?

Grateful for the trust placed in me to do the jobs I was given.

What is unique about Radford?

Can’t honestly say what is unique about Radford - perhaps the way we care for the kids.

Where are you now?