Life beyond Radford

Last updated 14.03.2018

Helen Rasmussan

Lives Port Macquarie, Australia
Number of years at Radford 11 + over 10 years relief years
Year began to teach/work at Radford 1987
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What does life look like for you now?

Helen has now retired from teaching and is living in Port Macquarie. Helen taught at Radford for 11 years. She was a Tutor, Year Coordinator, History teacher and HOD to whom the students could go to when in need. Helen was also a foundation member of the first Collegians group established by Judy Daly.
Helen's passion was with History. She noted that much of her joy was derived from the enthusiasm of and quality of work from many Senior students, some of whom have gone on to study History at university.

What’s your most endearing memory of Radford?

My 9HR boys rescuing me as I nearly drowned on Year 9 Camp. (I think it was the first one.) This tutor group, which I had for two years, was filled with endearing, young people whom I’ve remembered with fondness for many years.

Who or what left the greatest impression on you during time at Radford?

There were many. The first three principals: Jock Mackinnon, Peter Casson and Graeme Wigg, all of whom who had as their primary focus the welfare of the students of the college. And Molly Brownbill’s amazing ability to organise the timetable and all the academic results always impressed me. The hierarchy was always caring.

Also, the ancillary staff in those early years and beyond were always incredibly helpful and made teaching at Radford easier because they looked after the staff with such care. For instance, Molly Brownbill’s role as Director of Studies was inseparable from the efficiency and dedication of her EA, Veronica Chaplin. Dianne Heness also springs to mind with her help to me in organising international student exchanges.

What is unique about Radford?

There was a camaraderie amongst the staff that was generally positive. Radford is a great school with a wide range of offerings and excellent pastoral care. It has a method of recording attendance which is also excellent and even saved a life on one occasion when a student had been the victim of a hit-and-run accident.

Where are you now?