Life beyond Radford

Last updated 23.08.2017

Duncan Driver

Class of 1997
OCCUPATION Assistant Professor of Teacher Education
Lives Canberra, Australia
Attendance at radford Years 7-12
House Jarrah
Awards, medals or recognition 7-12
  • I directed Radford's 2003 production of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'
  • Doctoral, The Australian National University, English Literature, 1997-2007
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What does life look for you now?

Family: married since 2010, father since 2015.

Career: Assistant Professor of teacher education at the University of Canberra.

Hobbies: theatre (Artistic Director of Everyman Theatre).

Tell us what you are passionate about?

Art, literature and single malt whisky: all wonderful things that are completely useless. Remember that when people say, "An Arts degree? What use is that?" It's the useless things that we live and work for.

When you were young, what were you hoping to be when you grew up?

Like Alain de Botton, I always thought that the 'vocation' was a bit of a myth. I wanted to be well-read, well-travelled, well-spoken and content. Work was never something I thought should define my identity.

What is your favourite Radford moment?

Mr H's and Mr Foulcher's classes!

Do you have a particular role model or inspirational figure from Radford or now?

As above ?

How easy was it to decide what to do in life?

It's easy when you accept that you're never going to have all the answers to your questions. If that sounds bleak, remember that asking the right questions is more important than having the answers. That's what a major in Philosophy taught me.

Did your further study or career go exactly as you'd planned?

Not really, but I never had much of a long-term plan. The study slowly morphed into a career. While there's nothing wrong with future plans, don't invest all of yourself in them: if they don't come true, you'll be frustrated; if they do, you'll be left with a curiously empty feeling and the overwhelming question, "What now?"

What do you know now, that you wish you'd known when you were at Radford?

Nobody cares what your ATAR was.

What advice do you have for current students?

As above.

Anything else that you would like to share?

Nothing, except my genius.

Where are you now?