Little Bee Music is a structured musical play class for young children. The classes are based around learning melody and rhythm through the use of songs, activities, dance and musical instruments.

It is aimed at giving children the basic love and feel for music and is a great basis for learning a musical instrument, or simply to experience music while having a lot of fun, building confidence and coordination, and learning listening skills.

Little Bee Music is run by musicians who have young children, so we strive to provide an early engagement and interaction with the wonderful world of music.

Music has so many benefits for your baby or toddler from improving memory and brain development to enhanced social skills and coordination.

Little Bee Music Class Timetable:

Tots (1-2years): 9.15am
Littlies (2-4years): 10am
Bubs (5-15months non-walkers): 10.45am

Tots (1-2years): 9.45am
Littlies (2-4years): 10.30am
Bubs (5-15months non-walkers): 11.15am